At NanoX, hybrid supercapacitors represent a cutting-edge energy storage solution, blending the high energy density of batteries with the rapid power delivery of traditional supercapacitors. Hybrid Supercapacitors utilize a combination of electrochemical double-layer capacitance and pseudo capacitance mechanisms, offering a unique synergy of high power density, long cycle life, and rapid charge-discharge capabilities. 

Wide Operating Temprature Range

-40C to 80C

Impressive 10-year warranty

>10,000 Life Cycle

High Energy Density

Pack Level: 220Wh/kg


Absence of Liquid Electrolyte Minimizes Risk

Rapid Charging Capabilities at 4C Continuous Operation

60% Charging in 8mins

Cell specifications

        • Type: Pouch Cell
        • Capacity: 90Wh
        • Dimensions: 220x128x7.5 mm
        • Weight: 350gms
        • Lifecycles: 10,000