NanoX: Energizing Tomorrow with Tailored Battery Energy Storage Solutions(BESS).

At NanoX, we offer cutting-edge energy storage solutions designed to revolutionise the way you manage and utilise energy. Our innovative products are engineered to address a wide range of needs, from peak shaving to seamless power backup, providing reliable performance and efficiency


Peak Shaving

Frequency and Voltage Regulation

VAR Control

Power smoothing

Grid congestion relief

Diesel Replacement

Demand Response

Black Start

AT&C Loss Reduction


energy storage

Our energy storage solutions cater to a diverse range of industries and sectors including –

Residential (Wall Mount)
Commercial & Industrial
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Rack Engineering with Thermal Expertise

Our innovative rack engineering solutions are designed for maximum thermal efficiency, enhancing the performance and longevity of your energy storage system.

Battery Management System and Software

Our advanced battery management system and software optimise battery performance and lifespan, maximising your return on investment.

Module Engineering and Assembly

We offer customised module engineering and assembly services, tailored to meet your unique requirements and specifications.

Energy Management System

Our comprehensive energy management system provides real-time monitoring and control, empowering you to optimize energy usage and reduce costs.

Power Conversion System

our power conversion system facilitates the seamless transfer of energy between DC batteries and AC power grids, enabling efficient energy storage and retrieval.

Systems Integration and Engineering Expertise

Benefit from our extensive experience in system integration and engineering, ensuring seamless implementation and performance.

Operation and Service Support

Our dedicated team provides ongoing operation and service support, ensuring the continued performance and reliability of your energy storage system.

Safety and Reliability

System designed focusing on safety, precise protection functions for abnormal voltage, current and temperature.