Discover our state-of-the-art battery assembly equipment tailored to streamline the production of  battery packs. Our comprehensive range of equipment ensures efficient and precise assembly processes. With advanced automation and precise control systems, our equipment enables manufacturers to achieve consistent quality and performance in every battery pack assembled. Whether you’re manufacturing packs for electric vehicles, energy storage systems, or consumer electronics, our battery assembly equipment is engineered to meet the diverse needs of battery manufacturers.



Cell Grading Machine

Cell Grading Equipment is designed to assess and categorise individual battery cells based on various performance metrics >>

Cell Sorting Machine

Cell Sorting Equipment is engineered to meticulously sort and categorise individual battery cells based >>

Insulating Paper Pasting Machine

This Equipment is designed to precisely apply insulating paper between the electrodes of battery cells, ensuring >>

CCD Tester

Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) technology to accurately measure and analyse various performance parameters of battery cells >>

Welding strips machine

Welding Strips Machine is engineered to precisely weld metal strips onto the electrodes of battery cells, facilitating >>

BMS Testing Machine

Equipment is designed to assess and validate the functionality of Battery Management Systems (BMS) within battery packs >>

Comprehensive Battery Pack tester

Comprehensive battery pack tester analyses and evaluates the performance of batteries across different parameters >>

Battery Pack Aging

The Aging machine is mainly used for  battery charging and discharging cycle tests. The test items include battery >>